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Health Benefits - Caving

Physical Health

  • You need to be moderately fit and flexible.
  • Think about if you will be able to cope physically with the often strenuous and unexpected challenges of caving from cold water, climbing, and squeezing through tight gaps.
  • A great way to develop agility, flexibility and stamina as muscle, bone and joint function improve.

Mental Health and Well-being

  • Going down into a cave requires belief in yourself and those that are caving with you.
  • Meeting the challenge of caving can be a real boost to your confidence as you overcome anxiety and even fear of the unknown.

Rehab and Recovery

  • Always discuss any rehab or recovery plan with your health care provider.
  • Different caves will present different challenges, however some caves are accessible by people with physical disabilities.
  • Even if you are not hugely fit, you can build up your caving fitness through other sports including walking and other muscle training.
  • Specialist caving clubs will be able to advise you on accessibility and caving activities for groups with specific needs.


  • A great way to meet people through clubs and organised events.
  • Get to know more about the truly hidden gems where you are living or visiting.
  • As you develop your caving skills you may also enjoy sharing these with newbies, and may want to get training and qualification in volunteering or leading groups.

Weight Management

  • The amount of calories you burn will vary depending on the time spent and intensity of the caving.
  • Moderately challenging caving can burn about 300 calories an hour.

Healthy You

Pembrokeshire offers many ways of improving your health, from increasing stamina/strength, losing weight or improving your positive mental health and wellbeing.


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