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Health Benefits - Dog Walking

Physical Health

  • Walking is great for your health.
  • See Walking.

Mental Health

  • See Walking.
  • Being out with your dog can be an enjoyable experience as you may feel that you are also improving the well-being of another creature.

Rehab and Recovery


  • A great way to meet other people and share your interest in canines.
  • Walking the dog can be a great family activity, especially if you include other activities such as mini-beast hunts or fun challenges along the way.
  • Remember to bag and bin your dog mess. Free bags are available at all Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Information Centres.

Weight Management

  • Taking the dog out twice a day for a 20-minute brisk walk can burn up to 100 calories.

Healthy You

Pembrokeshire offers many ways of improving your health, from increasing stamina/strength, losing weight or improving your positive mental health and wellbeing.


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