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Health Benefits - Cruiser Sailing

Physical Health

  • Being involved in sailing the boat can be strenuous for the arms as this involves winding ropes and managing sails.
  • Sailing a vessel can require agility, flexibility and strength.

Mental Health

  • The simple joy of gliding through the water in the open air is a great way to de-stress.
  • Meeting the challenges of the tides and winds can help with concentration and provide a wonderful sense of achievement.

Rehab and Recovery

  • If considering the more strenuous aspects of sailing then discuss this with your health care professional first.
  • Sailing can be enjoyed by people with varying abilities on a number of difficulty levels.
  • Enjoy the restorative recreational benefits from sitting back and relaxing or the more physical benefits of being actively involved in the running of the vessel.
  • Many activity providers actually offer tailored sailing opportunities to people with disabilities.


  • Working as part of a team on a boat can be a wonderful experience and give you a great sense of achievement.
  • Embarking on a sightseeing voyage, sharing special moments with a group is something you will remember for life.

Weight Management

  • If actively involved in sailing the vessel, you will benefit from some weight management benefits.

Healthy You

Pembrokeshire offers many ways of improving your health, from increasing stamina/strength, losing weight or improving your positive mental health and wellbeing.


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