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Health Benefits - Coasteering

Physical Health

  • All the scrambling, swimming and climbing will be sure to develop your general fitness.
  • Will improve agility, strength and flexibility, as well as balance and hand-eye co-ordination!
  • A great overall whole body workout as you explore the rugged Pembrokeshire Coastline from a unique perspective.
  • Improves aerobic fitness and increases stamina.

Mental Health and Well-being

  • The exhilaration and challenges of coasteering are a great way to overcome anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Concentrating on the challenges of coasteering focuses, refreshes and clears the mind from daily distractions.
  • Inspire your positive ‘I can do it’ attitude and outlook by conquering the challenges brought by the rock and sea.

Rehab and Recovery

  • Always discuss any rehab or recovery plan with your health care provider.
  • You need to be physically fit for coasteering.
  • Even if you are not hugely fit, you can build up your coasteering fitness through other sports including swimming, walking and other muscle training.


  • Coasteering should always be tried out first with an instructor; it is a great group activity from the start.
  • A unique way to get to know more about the truly hidden gems where you are living or visiting.
  • A great way of sharing unique and inspirational moments with others.

Weight Management

  • Coasteering at a moderate intensity for around one hour will burn around 300 calories.
  • Coasteering for an afternoon can burn 1,200 calories.

Healthy You

Pembrokeshire offers many ways of improving your health, from increasing stamina/strength, losing weight or improving your positive mental health and wellbeing.


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