Enjoy Pembrokeshire

Dinghy Sailing

The waters around the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are a fantastic dinghy sailing area with stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. However the open coast, islands and bold headlands combine powerful and complex tidal streams ,overfalls and often heavy swells so dinghy sailing is concentrated in the relatively sheltered bays of Newport ,Fishguard, St Brides and Carmarthen Bay plus of course the magnificent Daugleddau Estuary.

There are active dinghy sailing clubs dotted around the coast with many offering their facilities to visiting sailors. For tuition or hire a number of dinghy sailing schools committed to the Pembrokeshire Marine Code operate in the County. These offer a fantastic introduction to the sport and access to some of the most beautiful and varied coastline in the world. There are of course a number of public slipways that allow the launching of dinghies.

The Pembrokeshire Coast and offshore islands provide habitats for a wonderful array of marine wildlife. The county's spectacular coastline and coastal seas contain wildlife populations that are not only nationally, but also internationally important. There are RSPB sanctuaries, SSSI's, SPA's and one of only three Marine Natures Reserves in the UK, while most of the coast is designated as a Marine Special Area of Conservation.

Top Tips

  • Needless to say these special places and the life they support need protecting.
  • Along with Statutory legislation the Pembrokeshire Marine Code was one of the first of its kind in the UK to draw up a voluntary code of conduct which members agree to follow.
  • This is helping to ensure that all activities are carried out sensibly, with sensitivity and in a sustainable manner, allowing future generations to enjoy Pembrokeshire's wildlife and wilderness.
  • Please follow the codes while dinghy sailing in the Park.

Healthy You

A wonderful exhilarating workout for the mind and body, which requires a surprising amount of physical effort. You will need to keep your focus and your wits as you master your craft to glide and cut through the waves!


Health terms

RNLI message

  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Carry some means of calling for help
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Check the weather and tides
  • Check your engine and fuel
  • Get the right training and boat within your limits