Enjoy Pembrokeshire


There are a number of 'caver's caves' situated around Pembrokeshire; the majority being along the coastal edges.

The caves are an important asset to the National Park for their geological and biological value but many have historic, archaeological and of course, recreational value too.

Top Tips

  • It is very important that people visiting the area do not vandalise or graffiti caves, leave rubbish or disturb wildlife.

Healthy You

Caving develops physical strength and flexibility as well as a positive mental attitude that will help you meet the challenges of going into the deep unknown. Different caves will present different challenges, and might present a combination of tight, cold, wet, dark, silent spaces. Caving can be a very dangerous, risky and physically strenuous activity.


Health terms

RNLI message

  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Carry some means of calling for help
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Check the weather and tides
  • Get the right training and cave within your limits