Enjoy Pembrokeshire


Pembrokeshire has a number of beaches and areas of coastline that are perfect for all levels of windsurfing. The shape of the coast usually means that favourable conditions can be found somewhere in the county with wind and surf particularly common outside of the summer months.

Sheltered spots such as Dale are great for learning while other more challenging areas such as Newgale and Freshwater West have the necessary beach front car parking and wide open bays. The back drop is absolutely stunning and there is even the chance of an encounter with dolphins and seals. Please be aware of beach zoning and follow safety guidelines.

Take a look at the video showing just how good Pembrokeshire can be for windsurfing!

Top Tips

  • A number of Outdoor Charter Group Members have courses that will teach you the basics or take you right up to expert level. Check out the links below.

Healthy You

Windsurfing is a very physical sport and is as much about balance and flexibility as it is about strength and stamina. It’s great fun and gliding through the water is a super way to relax the mind. and boost your spirits.


Health terms

RNLI message

  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Carry some means of calling for help
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Check the weather and tides
  • Get the right training and windsurf within your limits