Enjoy Pembrokeshire


Pembrokeshire is well known for its wonderful beaches that are popular tourist destinations in summer but provide excellent surfing conditions during the rest of the year. The coastline from Poppit in the North to Saundersfoot in the South has a variety of beach and reef breaks facing all directions of the compass usually meaning the chance of a rideable wave somewhere.

Choose from gnarly big wave winter venues of Broad Haven South, the consistency of Freshwater West or somewhere more suited to getting started like Newgale. Pembrokeshire can offer uncrowded breaks, stunning back drops, clean and clear water, an abundance of wildlife and friendly locals too boot.

Top Tips

  • Please leave the beach as you found it, avoid disturbing wildlife and sensitive habitats, respect the friendly locals, don't drop in, enjoy and return!
  • For more information on surfing in a sustainable way visit the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter website.

Healthy You

Surfing is a sport for the mind, body and soul. It is as much about endurance as it is about agility, strength and power. Surfing is a great stress buster, and the immense thrill of catching your first wave has been known to be truly addictive!


Health terms

RNLI message

  • Wherever possible, always surf at a lifeguarded beach and follow the advice of the lifeguards
  • Novices should only ever surf between the black and white flags
  • Ask a lifeguard for advice on where to surf
  • Always wear your leash
  • If you get into trouble, never abandon your board – it will keep you afloat. Wave your hand and shout for help
  • Never surf alone
  • Never surf between the red and yellow flags
  • Never drop in on another surfer