Enjoy Pembrokeshire


Canoeing and Kayaking are a fantastic way to enjoy the National Park allowing access to caves, stacks and reefs along the coast, and the creeks and mudflats inland. They are a great chance to observe sea birds, seals and porpoises, estuary waders and wild fowl in an unobtrusive and sustainable way. For the experienced sea kayaker there are extended trips along the coast and out to the islands as well as world class play boating in the fierce tidal streams.

There are also great opportunities for surf kayaking on many of Pembrokeshire’s storm beaches. There are a number of Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter members in the area providing courses and guided paddling trips. Pembrokeshire has some of the most unspoilt and spectacular coastal scenery in the UK. It is an area rich in wildlife and is designated as being Internationally and Nationally important for Marine Habitats and Species. To help minimise our impact a code of conduct for sea kayaking is in place and is managed by the Pembrokeshire Marine Code/Outdoor Charter Groups.

Top Tips

  • Seals and sea birds are just some of the protected wildlife you may encounter please follow the Pembrokeshire Marine Code for Kayaking.
  • Please be aware of other users particularly when surf kayaking and follow the safety advice given at the bottom of the page.

Healthy You

A terrific way to get active and healthy. The range of opportunities for canoeists means that there is really no barrier to entry in terms of age or fitness, and you can learn basic paddle skills in a day. Let the open air energise and clear your mind as you embark on an outdoor adventure.


Health terms

RNLI message

  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Carry some means of calling for help
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Check the weather and tides
  • Get the right training and canoe within your limits