Enjoy Pembrokeshire


Rockpooling is a fantastic activity that is suitable for all ages. Its educational, fun and a great way to engage with nature while at the beach. Rockpooling provides an insight into the creatures and seaweeds that live in the inter-tidal area.

The Pembrokeshire coastline provides a number of opportunities for rockpool exploring which can be combined with a family day at the beach or a planned activity on its own.

Check out the links below to find out more about rockpooling, how to record what you find and a seashore code of conduct that will help keep your trip to the inter-tidal area of Pembrokeshire safe, enjoyable and sustainable.

  • Exploring rock pools can be a fascinating beach activity, especially for children. But please remember that rock pools contain living creatures, and their habitat is vitally important for their survival. So if you are going rock pooling, please follow these guidelines above.

Top Tips

  • Click the link to download a bilingual leaflet on rockpooling.
  • Please take care and be aware of the incoming tide, nipping crabs, and slippery surfaces.
  • Return all rock pool creatures to where you found them.
  • Replace rocks and stones carefully if you turn them over.
  • Don't leave creatures in jars or buckets of water for any length of time.
  • Don't drop litter in rockpools.

Healthy You

Rockpooling isn’t just for children, and is a lovely way to get out and active and enjoy appreciating the tiny worlds beneath the water.


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