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Horse Riding

Pembrokeshire offers plenty of opportunity for horse riding, taking you across a variety of landscapes and providing a great way of exploring the area. Whether you want to ride across open moorland, along wooded bridleways or down quiet country lanes, there's something for everyone, all offered by the excellent selection of riding establishments operating in the county.

Almost anywhere you ride in Pembrokeshire, you'll be travelling through an area of great historical interest. Some of the major bridleways are old drovers' roads, where sheep and cattle would have been driven to markets in Shrewsbury, Bristol or even London.

There are many other things to see from horseback from small hamlets, Iron Age forts and standing stones; to castles, ancient woodlands and quiet streams.Riding on the golden sands of Pembrokeshire's beaches is a popular activity enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Obviously there are certain beaches more suitable than others where coastal car parks, ease of access, tidal conditions, space and other users must be considered. Please check out the top tips below and use the links at the bottom of the page to view downloadable routes of Pantmaenog and Castlemartin!

The beaches on the south east coast between Amroth and Giltar Point, including Saundersfoot and Tenby are subject to a Pembrokeshire County Council byelaw, which imposes a seasonal restriction on horse riding between the hours of 10am and 7pm from June 1st to September 30th.

Elsewhere, the foreshore (the area between the low and high tide mark) is controlled by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and horses can be ridden here subject to:

  • There being lawful access to the foreshore, (not all beaches can be accessed by roads and bridleways);
  • Horses being ridden so that they are not a danger or nuisance to other beach users.
  • Racing and breaking of horses is specifically prohibited on the foreshore by National Park Authority byelaws.

The following beaches are popular with horse riders, having adequate parking and access and provide good riding opportunities at low tide, however, during the summer season they are very busy and it is advisable to ride in the early mornings or evenings:

  • Whitesands (not summer season).
  • Freshwater East.
  • Manorbier.
  • Amroth.
  • Newport Sands.

Top Tips

  • Use approved providers that can offer tuition, trekking, or beach rides. Visit www.abrs-info.org or www.pcuk.org.
  • Most horse riders tend to ride on beaches during the winter season and confine themselves to the early mornings and evenings during the summer season.
  • Please note that some beach car parks may operate vehicular seasonal height restrictions at their entrances.

Healthy You

A great whole body workout, which can be tailored to your levels of fitness and skill. As well as refreshing the mind, there are also excellent therapeutic benefits of connecting with and riding a horse.


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